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Social Media

I successfully launched and organically developed an official IG account to heat sales and support PR


The Mercury company had already had a variety of IG accounts for different markets: fashion, beauty, kids, men, shoes, etc. The management didn't want to launch another platform on Instagram to avoid too much noise on social media. They didn't believe that people would buy luxury tableware online. I aimed to convince the C-level and lead the project personally.


April 2020 - September 2021



What I did

During the first self-isolation period, I negotiated with the SMM Department to understand the needs and fears of the C-level. I also prepared a detailed strategy, showing my ability to work independently and professionally as an SM manager. Here I attracted allies who helped me pitch the company's owner, explaining the disadvantages of staying aside from social channels during the pandemic.

Green-lighted, I started to implement my plans. I began with the live streams and co-promo with relevant bloggers, navigating their followers to our website and our IG page. Everything was free of admission, with only a few barter opportunities. Next, I aimed to "create a circle of friends" - a community of celebrities, bloggers, and influencers who love our marks, share our values and are ready to support our initiatives, spreading word-of-mouth among their followers.

I curated strategy, content creation, community management, social monitoring, and influence management.


  • we received our first sales just 2 weeks after the launch with more than 40k EUR in one week

  • 100% organic growth up to 10k followers in a year

  • verified Instagram account (blue badge)

  • more than +1000% e-com growth within one year

  • 2020 became the record year for the luxury interior department, despite periods of self-isolation and governmental restrictions for retailers

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