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Ksenia Ponka pr and content marketing professional

Ksenia Ponka

Marketing Director

Living in:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates





In the last 12 years, I've worked as a high-performing Marketing and Communications Director and C-level advisor for international companies operating in the Middle East, Europe, CIS countries, and the USA. My passion is to help companies uncover their growth potential and identify unobvious solutions for success through meaningful and emotional storytelling. My professional strength is effectively promoting brands and projects through omnichannel marketing communications, combining PR, digital tools, CRM, advertising, e-commerce, and SMM.


I love the challenge of being told "it's impossible" and turning it into a profitable project. I'm usually a company's antidote to "just because," "that's the way it is," and "because that's the way we have always done it." I have solid intercultural competence and outstanding interpersonal skills. I love to engage with new generations by pushing cultural and creative boundaries. Yet, I always make decisions fact-based, being meticulous, industrious, diligent, and enterprising.

Benefits of working with me

Top-ranked specialist

I'm recognized as one of CIS's top 20 PR specialists by Pressfeed — a leading local media platform connecting journalists with sources. With its vast community of over 100,000 people and 5,000 media, this honor shines with the respect of both my peers and the press, making it truly meaningful.

Full-scale experience

Starting at a PR firm, I quickly — in less than 2 years — rose from Junior Manager to Deputy Head of the PR Department. This journey gave me deep insights into how agencies and clients work together. I learned to forge solid partnerships and manage multiple projects smoothly, all with a touch of finesse.

Broad expertise

I've made my mark across various fields, from fashion to fine dining and everything in between, like luxury, home & decor, art, fashion, hospitality, and many more. Thus, I have mastered the art of cross-pollination, intertwining best practices and innovative solutions from one industry to another, fueling creativity and business growth.

Committed quality

I love diving into the nuances, discovering what makes each project or brand truly special and worthy of belief. This deep connection and involvement is the foundation of my outstanding performance. But not only. I set clear KPIs to track progress and adjust on the fly, ensuring projects steer towards even better results.

Lifelong learning

I have an "always learning" mindset. I won 10 grants to sponsor my educational hunger, which resulted in over 30 courses, including international business administration, social media marketing, systems engineering, web-3 (metaverse), data science, AI, and sustainability. I'm also building a knowledge-sharing environment around me through coaching, mentoring, and consulting. 

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