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Public event

An exclusive Marc Chagall porcelain collection with a public presentation and a private dinner with Chagall's heirs.


This idea was to create a porcelain collection available exclusively in Russia. It should target both sales and PR impacts. Therefore it was necessary to find a proper theme and a series of activations to attract a broader range of customers and journalists. That is how the Marc Chagall theme appeared.


March 2019


The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

Cristal Room Baccarat restaurant, Moscow

What I did

We analyzed the sales data to research which collection has more revenue and customer requests than others. We saw that the porcelain with Marc Chagall's drawings attracted more attention. As the HQ has good connections with Chagall's heirs and Foundation, we contacted them to propose an exclusive Russian collection. Due to Russian roots, the Chagall family agreed, and the project began.

I've created a press kit from scratch, including texts, videos, and photos in Russian and English for PR and sales needs. I also negotiated with Chagall's heirs to extract the vital information and arrange interviews with local media.

I've decided to focus not only on customers' events but also on a public program to produce more extensive PR coverage. Our team partnered with the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts - the largest museum of European art in Moscow - to prepare a joint public talk with their representative and Chagall's granddaughters, who planned to come to Moscow for a presentation. As soon as we scheduled the date, I created an open registration form and sent it with a press release about the event to the media and relevant bloggers. Having 60 available places, we got fully booked within 1 hour after the first publication due to the appropriate media list.

After the public talk, we decided to create a private client dinner with the granddaughters of Marc Chagall and Frédéric Bernardaud from the brand. As it was a floral collection and one of the heirs was a florist, we invited a famous Russian event designer Roman Kovalishin to decorate the place as a mysterious garden. The artist filled the restaurant with real-life trees, moss, and flowers. All 20 attendees - VIP Russian clients - were impressed by the level of the organization and the presence of Chagall's heirs.


  • 60 visitors for a public talk, booked free admission tickets within 1 hour after the registration began

  • 20+ guests of the private event

  • 40+ publications in top media (Vogue, Tatler, AD, Harper's Bazaar, etc.) with reposts to social media (Instagram, Telegram)

  • 350+ million users' total reach (print & online media, social channels)

  • Media Value 4.5 times exceeded the cost of events and production

  • Sold out in 2 months

  • The collection became such a success that the brand launched it in other countries

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