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Private event

Friday countryside-like gathering for the VIP clients. More than an ordinary private event.


There were four main aims:

  • showcase a new collection

  • increase the loyalty

  • attract new potential clients

  • boost the word of mouth


July 9, 2021


Gimpel restaurant, Peredelkino Art Village

What I did

I made a turn-key event organization from scratch, including the concept, format, negotiations with the location, printed materials, gifts, photos & video, and invitation campaign. Here is how I coped with four main aims:

  1. As summer and flowers were the leading motives in a new collection, I proposed a summer brunch format in a private countryside restaurant run by a well-known socialite. It's a trendy place among Moscow's wealthy and intellectual clientele.

  2. Guests had an exclusive private tour around the neighborhood, visiting a Writers Creative House and home turned museum of Russian poet Evgeny Evtushenko. Attendances also had the opportunity to enjoy interactive culinary experiences with a special menu made for the brand.

  3. I've collaborated with TSUM Department Store - the leading Russian luxury distributor - to invite their VIP clients.

  4. Clients received small gifts with calligraphy thankyou cards and hashtags to share their experiences on social media. Each also had a private link with their HiRes photos to download. Moreover, client advisors reached them personally to get feedback and heat the sales of a new collection.


  • 100% of the guests were satisfied with the event

  • 22 people attended, 4 of them were new customers

  • Newcomers asked for sales brochures to place the order

  • 5 items sold (average price - 1,800$)

Project Gallery

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