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B2B partnership

The Perfect Table was a series of pre-paid interactive masterclasses with famous influencers talking about tableware and etiquette.


My business initiative was to get new customers and support the sales during the summer, usually a low season. The project supported 4 French luxury lifestyle brands. I contacted the notable culinary Novikov School and the luxury table textiles manufacturer Truffle Bee to create a joint project for a positive ROI.


May-August, 2021


Novikov School, a popular culinary school

What I did

Dining sets, glassware, and accessories from non-competitive brands decorated the main table. Guests ate from porcelain plates, drank from crystal flutes, and used silver-plated forks and knives to live the experience of owning such products in their homes.

I negotiated that the school would cover the costs but profit from tickets sold, so they were interested in promoting classes. I arranged direct product placements, logos on all POSM and marketing materials, and regular brand messages in digital channels to support brands. I also organized a press event covered by the school to start the project and get good PR coverage. Additionally, my influencer management expanded the online presence of the brands involved.

Although the school usually took fees for any collaboration, everything was free, thanks to my negotiations.


  • 18 celebrities and glossy editors attended the media launch and posted on their accounts with a total of 1.7 million followers

  • 106 days visitors saw table tents with logos and received branded food recipes which reached 15 280 people

  • Novikov School used its 35k database to send 14 newsletters with a direct link to the landing page with our texts, logos, and links to brands

  • 86 people bought tickets to 4 masterclasses

  • 9 of them become new clients, providing 170k euros of sales

  • Guests and speakers generated 417 Instagram posts and stories

  • Our omnichannel communication delivered brand images, text, and messages to 7 million people

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