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Award-winning project

Luxury crystalware brand collaborated with the bar to create the first-ever interactive exclusive cocktail menu.


There were 3 different objectives - one for each side:

  1. for the bar - to create a unique worldwide experience with international support of a well-known brand to strengthen its chances jump into the World's 50 Best Bars rating

  2. for the brand - to be sure that the bar team will accurately deliver its high-end service, history, core values, and crystal know-how to bar visitors

  3. for a local distributor - to successfully launch the project and use it as a positive case to attract new B2B HoReCa clients


February-October, 2021


Insider Bar, Moscow

What I did

The interactive menu includes four drinks inspired by the classic Negroni recipe but re-interpreted within the theme of environmental awareness and nature. Each cocktail reflects one of the four natural elements - earth, water, air, and fire - the same elements needed to create the crystal. The branded trolley can reach guests and serve a cocktail in any part of the bar. Clients can choose their Negroni and savor it in the glass of their choice from a selection of 4 iconic collections. During the serving, the bartender tells the story of a drink and thrilling facts about the crystalware and its famous clients who owned the same crystal collection.

I led this tri-party project from scratch. Together with the bar and the distributor, we created and proposed the concept to the HQ of the brand. I sat regular ZOOM calls with brand's Food & Beverage Director and bar team to brainstorm, develop the idea, and set a clear execution plan. My team photo-shot the cocktails for media and social usage and approved images with the crystalware brand. Then I prepared a bi-lingual press kit for international PR support. I trained Insider's team on crystal, the brand's history, know-how, and exciting facts dedicated to the brand and its famous clients. My team organized a private presentation for Russian VIP clients to kill two birds with one stone and launch the project. Firstly, to increase the loyalty of current B2B and B2C customers. Secondly, attract a new audience to the bar and please the partner. I also ordered the production of leather coaster-like personalized invitations for top Russian journalists. They were delivered personally with a short explanation and proper Instagram tags.


  • Landing in the list at No.13 in the best position of any bar that has opened within the voting period for the World's 50 Best Bars, the bar was also named London Essence Best New Opening 2021

  • The interactive menu is the first-ever interactive co-branding project for a brand. It was prepared and launched distantly, which is unusual for the French brand and shows their high confidence in the team

  • Several months after, the U.S. No.1 whiskey brand - Michter's Manhattan - came to the bar and asked for a co-branded menu in branded crystal glasses

  • Bar owners decided to open another restaurant project with Mercury's support - with tableware from other French luxury brands

  • The cocktail menu became viral - visitors, bloggers, media, and other bartenders shared the information about it with a "must-see" and "dreaming about" attitude


  • No. 13, The World's 50 Best Bars 2021

  • Best New Opening 2021, London Essence

  • Bar of the Year, WhereToEat Russia 2022

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