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CRM project

New standards of digital work for a post-pandemic world


There was a necessity for new standards of digital work in pandemic circumstances. Therefore I created a new CRM system for retail staff with templates and training on communicating with clients online.


December 2020


Mercury Academy, Moscow

What I did

Together with the Mercury Training Academy, I developed new digital CRM standards for communication through instant messengers. We used best practices around the world and adjusted them to local needs. The main topics were:

  • New ways of communication

  • Digital etiquette

  • Professional account in WA

  • Personal approach strategy

  • Upsell, second meeting, etc

  • Useful templates

  • Roleplays

Together with the CRM and Academy teams, I led several masterclasses on using and implementing new standards in the sales team's daily routines.

I also created a professional photoshoot for staff members to ensure their personal and working accounts look correct.


  1. All salespeople got official photos to update their accounts

  2. Created mobile-friendly digital catalogs for B2C and B2B customers, delivered via WA, Viber, Telegram, and other messengers directly to clients

  3. Created a regularly updated LS photo base to provide sales staff with helpful content

  4. Increased the company's profit by 25% in EUR

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